Souvenir sheets exchanges.

You send 5 souvenir sheets
to a random member
and you receive 5 back!

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Neither received nor got address
24 Jul 2018, 13:11:15
I have sent 2 packs so for. volgodonets, I don't know whether he/she got mine, but I didn't get anything from him/her. Though I sent 10 Mint miniature sheets, I didn't get back even one. Its a great loss for me. Please do something in this regard.

I am eagerly looking for more swaps.

Thanks for your understanding.
17 Sep 2018, 18:38:00
From two sent letters only one reached its destination. The other one got expired but it can still be registered.

On your receiving letters, you can see the list of expired letters in the page "Stamps exchanges" > "Expired".

In both situations you can contact your partner from his/her profile page and try to find out what went wrong and maybe you can find a solution together.
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