Souvenir sheets exchanges.

You send 5 souvenir sheets
to a random member
and you receive 5 back!

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2 ss per exchange?
20 Dec 2017, 19:59:44
francescpf suggested a separate club for exchanging 2 ss at a time.
If 2 ss per exchange is a better idea, then maybe is better to change this club rather then creating another one.

This club only has a few members and it did not evolved as hoped. With 5 ss per exchange it didn't developed enough.

What do you think about changing the rules from 5 to 2 ss per exchange? Would this help? Would 2 ss be more affordable for more members?
26 Jan 2018, 15:16:17
hello :)

maybe the new rating system could help, for example, what would you send to a member rated 5.00 ?? what would you send to a member 3,53 ??
but in general I guess we should get down to 2 sheets per exchange, this would allow more and new entries
thanks .)
18 Jan 2018, 10:41:16

That is because of the quality of the ss sent by some active members. When I send all new Mint attractive miniature sheets, I will expect the same. To optimise the cost, some members sending old flee market single stamp SS is spoiling this forum I hope. Everyone should ask yourself, would I like to receive what I am mailing out to other exchange partner?

@Danubius, make it compulsory that everyone should post the picture of what they have received from others and that picture should be visible all the time. so that we can know about the receiver and what stuff we can expect from them.

12 Jan 2018, 21:53:50
Hello Iphil :)
But hoy see.... Im afraid Danubius us right. Since december 09t h swaps. 32 days 0 exchanges. Something should Chang.
09 Jan 2018, 15:12:59
I think 5 is reasonable. In many countries postage rates are high, just for exchanging 2 sheets we have to spend more for postage which is not worth. This will reduce the number of participants. I will think twice if it is reduced to 2. The Souvenir sheets need not be from one's own country. So once you received a return SSs, you can keep your themed SS and rest you can sent to the next participant.

To increase the participants, my suggestions are,

5 MINT souvenir sheets (MINT should be forced). Cindrellas and CTOs cann't be displayed in stamp exhibits and it is of no use to the real stamp collectors.

Atleast 2 of them from the recent issue, issued after 2010/2015. (most of us sending single stamp SSs that too from old era which is very much available in flee market)

Atleast 3 Souvenir sheets should have 2 or more stamps.

And on the cover commemorative stamps should be used.

The number of exchanges per person should be increased.

29 Dec 2017, 23:37:01
Hello Danubius ;)
I think most of us would have 2 sheets. I sent two lots with diferent sheets and blocks but... cannot send again to same members. Thats why my sugestion.
I think more members from would join
Good luck ;)
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